June 01, 2015

Staying Hydrated Before, During and After a Run

Staying Hydrated Before, During and After a Run - Tiux Socks

Running, especially during the warmer summer months, can cause severe dehydration if you’re not careful. Our bodies lose water as we sweat to keep cool during excessive physical exertion. Fortunately, there are a few ways to stay hydrated no matter how long you plan to run.

Before Your Run

Did you know that you can overhydrate yourself? Before running a race or even going for a long run during training, sip on a bottle of water. The key is to not down a whole bottle at once, but take frequent sips until you feel hydrated. Drinking too much at one time can leave you lethargic and can even cause problems for the body.

During Your Run

While running, you can easily use a handheld water bottle or hydration belt to carry water on your run. It’s important to know that you only really need to drink when you’re thirsty. Our bodies are intelligent and will sound the alarm when we’re in need of fluid. Simply carry some water with you or plan your running route near a park to include a water break at the drinking fountain.

After Your Run

Weighing yourself before and after a long run will help determine how much fluid was lost. The general rule is to drink up to 24 ounces of water or a sports drink for each pound lost. This will help prevent sore muscles and stiffness. When going to the washroom after your run, check to see that your urine is a pale yellow color. You’ll need to keep hydrating your body if your urine is too dark.

Be sure to give your body the fluid it needs to perform its best by using these hydration tips for your next run.

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