May 29, 2018

Why I Run

Why I Run - Tiux Socks

People run for many reasons, whether it’s to get exercise, for the competition, or to relieve stress. We asked a few Tiux Ambassadors, “Why do you run?”

Here’s how they responded.

"Running brings me so much joy all around which motivates me intrinsically. It’s my quiet time but then again when running as a group it’s my social time too! I love the feeling of just running for fun just as much as I love following a training plan and pushing myself in a race. I have lots of running goals! The benefits are limitless and the goals can vary from one month to the next sometimes but bottom line – it’s my happy place, my reset, my confidant and my friend. I’d be lost without it! As a Girls on the Run coach I hope to inspire and motivate others too!" - Christine Piscitella

"Running has become a part of my lifestyle and I can’t imagine who I’d be without it. I love the Me that running has created! One of my biggest motivators are my running friends. We are definitely better together!" - Heather Lee Callaghan

"My mom was my biggest motivation to run, that is how I started. Once I did though I fell in love with it. It became a way to connect with people with similar interests, and be part of a wonderful community. It keeps me fit, relaxes me and is an escape from my day to day stressors and that’s what motivates me now to get out there." - Hufsa Mushtaq

"I run to inspire my community. I think representations matter and I didn’t grow up a runner so just having young girls of color see me as a role model gets me going out the door. It’s the same as when I notice disabled athletes running the races that I do. It shows me that everyone can do it in their own way. It also allows me to have at least a singular thing in common with others. So I run mostly for comradery. A mile is a mile, no matter how you do it." - Jerlyn Thomas

"For me, running is not just a hobby or a way to stay in shape, it is part of me. It helps relieve stress and brings so much joy to my life. I run for the beautiful scenery, the amazing friendships and to inspire my children. I run ultra distances to push my limits and go beyond my comfort zone. I truly believe that it’s in darkest of places where we are truly challenged that we grow and learn just how tough we are." - Michelle Corbett

"There are so many motivating reasons to run for me! It’s my time to quietly connect to myself if I run alone, to connect with friends and other runners, to connect with nature & the beauty all around me. I love signing up for a race and having that be my reason to get out and increase my mileage or challenge myself with a tough terrain! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that I also have a sweet tooth!" - Laura Swenson

"I run because it connects me to myself and my community. Running is my meditation AND my social time. It also humbles me more than any other sport I’ve ever participated in and that feeling of reaching for goals and working hard is worth it every single time." - Lindsay McClelland

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