At Tiux, we are on a mission to prove that compression socks don't have to be boring or overpriced. We set out to create socks that allow you to express your personality and style while enjoying the benefits of compression.

Bold, Unique Designs
We’re obsessed with producing compression socks for work, rest and play. Whether it's for daily wear or running a marathon, our socks are designed to be functional, fashionable, and fun.

Premium Quality and Exceptional Value
Tiux compression socks are made from high-performance yarns to provide ultimate comfort, durability, and breathability. Our streamlined business model allows us to deliver high-quality compression socks at a great price.

How We Do Things Differently

tiux business model

We’re a small startup with something to prove. We’re dreamers looking to challenge the status quo. We’re never satisfied and believe we can do much better. This drives us to deliver high quality compression socks with exceptional value.

We’re not like other sports apparel brands. Instead of using brick and mortar shops, we sell directly to you online. We break away from the traditional retail model by eliminating wholesalers and distributors. This lets us control the entire process, from design to shipping socks to your door. Our streamlined approach allows us to offer compression socks at a price much less than competitors.

Our Approach

We blur the line between form and function with our innovative design features that help you perform your very best.

High Performance Yarns
Our socks are made from premium technical yarns engineered for function and performance.

Lean Inventory
We keep overhead costs down by never overstocking inventory. Instead, we focus on quality and providing the best value for our customers.

No Middlemen
There are no distributors or wholesalers taking their cut. We eliminate the middlemen and sell directly to you with no retail markup. This allows us to share the savings with you.

No Physical Stores
Unlike traditional retailers, we’re exclusively online and do not have the added expense of a physical storefront.

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