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Why Wear Tiux Compression Socks

Graduated Compression Technology

Lab tested to ensure the correct compression rating. Helps reduce muscle soreness and the risk of injuries.

Perform Better

Graduated compression delivers oxygen and nutrients to your leg muscles to keep them energized.

Recover Faster

Flushes out lactic acid to speed up muscle repair and recovery after a long run or a tough workout.

The Tiux Difference

Designed for all-day comfort and pain-free legs:

✅ Reduces leg fatigue
✅ Speeds up muscle recovery
✅ Prevents swelling and soreness
✅ Sweat-wicking and breathable
✅ No blisters or hot spots
✅ Reinforced seamless toe
✅ Y-heel for comfort and fit
✅ Arch support for added stability
✅ Left and right anatomical design

What Customers Are Saying


Best Compression Socks!

I’ve struggled with exercise-induced compartment syndrome in the past and have found that compression socks really help. Tiux Compression Socks are the best I’ve owned so far! The grade of compression is perfect and they kept my lower legs feeling loose through my entire long run, which never lasts with my previous pairs. Very happy with this product!

Steph P.


Love These Socks!

The whole package is quality – from the moment I saw the box, slid the socks from their package and felt the fabric I was a fan. And that was before running and trail race in them. During the race my legs felt great and even more important, the next day my legs were fresh. These socks are amazing!

Cameron E.


Feeling the Squeeze!

Have nothing but positive feedback for the Tiux compression socks! As a marathon runner, the hardest thing to recover for me after a run is achy legs. I’ve tried socks in the past, but they were extremely itchy and my legs were so hot. After wearing my Tiux compression socks and running back to back long runs within 2 days, I was thrilled! No muscle fatigue, and my recovery time was immediate.

Tiffany C.