January 10, 2016

Why Cadence Matters

Why Cadence Matters - Tiux Socks

For runners, an improved cadence translates to a better running performance and technique. As such, paying attention to your cadence is critical for those who want to develop an efficient running form and stride.

Running cadence is the number of footstrikes per minute. According to Jack Daniels (the running coach, not the whiskey brand!), the ideal cadence is 180 steps per minute. Whether or not this holds true for everyone, improving your cadence will help maintain proper and efficient form.

Improving Your Running Cadence

With a slower cadence, you are in the air longer and this means that as you stride, you will land harder and can risk injury. A higher cadence will reduce the impact of running in your ankles, knees and hips. It will also reduce overstriding, which can lead to injuries related to vertical displacement.

Here are few quick tips to help increase your cadence:

  • focus on taking smaller steps when running
  • Use a running app on your smartphone to help set your pace
  • Keep your arms high for greater efficiency
  • Wear lighter shoes as this requires less effort to move your feet at a faster rate

Every runner, whether you’re just starting out to decades of running experience, can benefit from a faster cadence. With a little time, you’ll start seeing improvements in your running performance.

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