June 22, 2016

Summer Running: Tips to Help You Beat the Heat

Summer Running: Tips to Help You Beat the Heat - Tiux Socks

Summer is here and the heat is on! With high temperatures and humidity, running in the scorching sun can be intolerable. Our Tiux ambassadors share their tips on how to beat the heat and stay safe during the summer months.

Trails and parks with lots of shade can help you stay cooler during your run. Look for any opportunity or location to avoid direct sunlight. Also consider outdoor space along the water, where you might be able to catch a nice cool breeze. – Heather Gardner

My tip for running in the summer heat is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! Water is not necessarily enough — Gatorade or something similar will go a long way!! – Meredith Reccoppa

I would say that my favourite trick is one I learned from my coach. When racing, get your crew to have a ziplock baggy of ice to give you at the aid stations. Wrap it in a buff around the back of the neck, or stuff them down your pack or shirt. Pretty much the best thing ever. Another good one is to have an extra water bottle on hand to pour over your head as you go. – Hilary Matheson

One thing my wife and I like to do in our subdivision is run through people’s sprinklers. Also, if possible, scale back you distance on super hot/humid days and move the longer runs to cooler days. – Mike van Mil

Use Body Glide! Be aware that when you sweat, you run the risk of chafing so I’d suggest using something like Body Glide on those potential areas to avoid any surprises! Lastly, slow down. This will help you avoid the possibility of overheating. Your body will already be higher than normal because of the heat. – Linda Wong

Why not tri? A triathlon may not be your thing, but cross-training with some biking and running is a great way to beat the summer heat. Taking a dip in the pool or whizzing down the trail on your bike is certainly much cooler than pounding the hot pavement during a run. It will also give provide great cross-training, a new challenge, and potentially a new love in multi-sports! – Christina Wood

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