Graduated Compression Socks for Everyday Wear

February 18, 2016

Graduated Compression Socks for Everyday Wear - Tiux Socks

In recent years, compression socks have experienced an increase in popularity among runners. Ten years ago, compression socks were only ubiquitous among grandmas and Paula Radcliffe, yet now it seems as though 75% of marathon finishers are wearing the brightly colored knee socks. Indeed, the benefits of compression socks are well known, as they reduce muscle soreness, improve recovery, and improve circulation. However, did you know there are numerous other uses for compression socks outside of running?

If you have a desk job…
People who spend their days sitting down are at an increased risk of developing a number of serious health issues due to inactivity throughout the day. In fact, many doctors now consider sitting to be the new smoking. One reason is that the body’s blood circulation is decreased, due to limited movement. Compression socks gently squeeze blood vessels, which draws blood to the constricted areas. This benefit is especially important for your feet and lower legs, which suffer the most during the work day.

If you spend long hours on your feet…
Waitresses, nurses, doctors and laborers often spend their entire shift standing, without getting a chance to sit down. At the end of the day, your feet and lower legs can be visibly swollen, which leads to pain and soreness. Wearing compression socks for work will reduce inflammation and muscle soreness by increasing circulation and lymphatic flow.

If you are pregnant…
Pregnant women often suffer from edema in their lower limbs towards the end of their pregnancy. If advised by a doctor, compression socks can provide relief, comfort and support to women who are suffering from poor circulation.

If you are a frequent air traveler…
Especially on long flights, air travelers are at an increased risk for developing deep vein thrombosis, which is a potentially fatal blood clot. Compression gear helps minimize the risk of developing a blood clot by improving circulation throughout the lower extremities and also helps to relieve the general stiffness that people develop during flights.

If you are bedridden…
Anyone who is confined to a hospital bed or couch for an extended period of time can benefit from compression socks. When lying down, blood is likely to pool in the legs, leading to improper circulation as well as swelling, inflammation and soreness. Compression socks decrease the chances of developing these issues.

If you have lower leg conditions…
Patients with disorders including varicose veins, stasis, edema, or skin changes can benefit from the improved circulation that compression wear provides. However, people with certain medical conditions are not proper candidates for compression gear. Always consult a physician before purchasing compression socks or sleeves, and find out the proper compression rating for your condition.

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