Sam is a long time runner who especially loves half marathons and trail running. She was lucky enough to find her love for running at a very young age. After participating in many different sports, mostly for the warm up laps, she finally got the chance to join the track and cross country teams in high school. Running instantly took over her life, teaching her the value of hard work and helping start most of the friendships she still has today. Sam is always down to jump into a race with a friend. One of her favorite things to do is be there to help a friend through a new personal distance goal. She loves the running community and wants to share it with as many people as possible!

Why Tiux?
I never really thought about recovery through high school and college. It wasn’t until I was running on my own and my legs started feeling heavy and tired that I began to worry I would end up injured. Someone suggested Tiux compression socks and I honestly couldn’t believe what I had been missing out on. You can feel a noticeable decrease in how tired and worn your feet and legs feel after a race or run immediately. Tiux comes in XS so I can get the perfect fit and amount of compression for my feet. They are thick enough to be sturdy (all my pairs still look brand new and I am known for destroying socks), but still let your feet breath in the summer heat. They are also seamless, which is important to me, as my toes have issues with rubbing using almost any other sock. Since finding out about the magic of compression socks I have tried other brands but haven’t found any I like nearly as much.

Greatest Achievement:
The toughest and craziest thing I have done thus far is run through a desert for a little over 5 hours in order to complete my first marathon. As a snow loving New Englander, running in the desert was already quite the challenge for me, but I was also sick and injured. I am really proud I was able to push through and feel that if I can accomplish that under those conditions I can do anything!

Current Goal:
Since my first full marathon in December 2017 didn’t go as smoothly as I had hoped, my current goal is to run another full and possibly attempt to Boston Qualify. I would also like to run my first ultra and more trail races in 2018.

Training Tip:
Take care of yourself physically and mentally. It’s not always easy to make yourself take the time to stretch and do other non-running activities, but taking a little time out of running to take care of yourself will allow for more time spent uninjured and running in the end. Also not every single workout is going to be all fun and games, but you should overall be enjoying yourself in order to run your best. Running is a mental sport too so a happy runner is often a fast runner!

Samantha Roderigues

Fall River, MA