Rachel is a running mom of two young girls. She found running to be her outlet after the birth of their second daughter. She started racing and hasn’t stopped since. She has run multiple distances, 5k/10k/half marathon and full marathon. Now she runs to inspire her girls, and other women to find their strong.

Why Tiux?
First, because they are a Canadian-based company, and as a Canadian I love supporting home grown companies. Secondly, because their socks are great, I use them for both training and recovering, and have noticed the difference between Tiux and other companies. Finally, because of their 1% give back program with MAG, “1% of every purchase will go towards providing a safe and secure future for men, women and children affected by violence and conflict”. How can you not back a company that supports the betterment of others.

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest running achievement to date is hitting both my 5km and 10km goals in 2017.

Current Goal:
My running goal is to PR in my marathon time. I am working at building my mental and physical strength in order to reach it.

Training Tip:
Be proud of your running and training, however it looks, as long as you are giving it you best effort. Remember that it is your story and not someone else, don’t compare them, you are an athlete!

Rachel Nichols

Cambridge, ON