Mireille is a Los Angeles raised runner/dancer/daughter/sister/friend and future health care clinician. She first began running on her high school track team, where she first chased speed instead of distance. While majoring in Exercise Science in undergrad, she was required to complete a course that measured her level of fitness such as strength and cardiovascular health. This lead to her decision to live a healthier lifestyle and in January of 2012, she laced up her first pair of Nikes and went on a run. She would go on to run 200+ miles that year, a milestone for her. However, the next year, a bout with a chronic illness resulted in her taking a break from running for close to two years. It was a slow and steady climb, but it was the will to conquer the illness and return to living a healthy lifestyle that motivated her to lace up again. Since 2015, she’s enjoyed running with various run clubs in the Los Angeles area. Along the way, she’s met great people who have challenged her and as a result, made her a better, stronger runner. She loves motivating others to get up, move, and chase their goals. When Mireille isn’t running, she loves to eat ice cream, go hiking, sleep, and spend with her friends and sisters.

Why Tiux?
After using Tiux’s compression socks for the first time this past year, I was happy to see how they supported me in my running. Wearing them during my runs made me feel more in control and overall made for a better run. ! I believe in Tiux because they keep the runner in mind by providing great products at very affordable prices. I am also a big believer in compassion and philanthropy so knowing that Tiux has a partnership with MAG lets me know that they are also a company with heart.

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest running/fitness achievement thus far is training for and completing my first two marathons in 2017. It was a process that I had to grow through and in turn learned so much about myself and my running.

Current Goal:
My current running/fitness goal is to complete all six of the World Major marathons. I would also like to train for and complete two marathons a year. As a new pacer in my running group, BlacklistLA, my goal is to motivate and inspire our runners to cross that finish line in the 2018 Los Angeles Marathon.

Training Tip:
1. Sleep is the BEST recovery.
2. No matter what the weather is in your area, it is important to stay hydrated.
3. Listen to your body. Running is also a mental game, so play smart.
4. What you put in your body will come out in your run. Find a good balance between healthy and indulgence.

Mireille Sine

Los Angeles, CA