Mike is a married father of 2 and currently works full and part time as a Paramedic in Ontario. The nature of his career sometimes means the he is sitting for long periods and exposed to emotionally charged, stressful events. During the course of his duties he witnesses first hand the effects of an unhealthy, sedentary lifestyle. It is important for him to have a mental outlet and a means to stay fit. Important to him and his own personal health but also important the he set a healthy lifestyle example for his children at an early age. Between working full and part time as well as accompanying his children to their extra curricular activities he still finds time, although often challenging, to fit his running in.

Mike has completed runs at all distances including 5K, 10K, 15K, half marathon and full marathon. He is currently working on improving his new favorite distance, the full marathon. He enjoys using his running for philanthropy by raising money each year for a children’s hospital as well as youth mental health programs. Mike loves #RunningSocial look for him on line posting goofy selfies, writing about his runs and connecting with you for virtual high fives, encouragement and support

Why Tiux?
I have been using Tiux compression socks for two years now and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my running and recovery. Since the first time I put them on I noticed the increased stability in my legs. Post run my legs have never felt better! I love that now I can go out for the next run sooner because my recovery time is reduced. One of the things that drew me to the brand was their commitment to social good with their 1% program. I love that the world is a safer place knowing that 1% of their revenue is donated to the Mines Advisory Group to fun their work reclaiming land contaminated with the remnants of conflict. This is why I choose Tiux and recommend it to all my running friends.

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest running achievement to date was when I completed my very first full marathon in the fall of 2015.

Current Goal:
My running goals right now include improving my finish times for all distances, connecting with other runners, inspiring more people to take up running, encouraging and supporting others to meet their goals, finding a better balance in life so as to fit more miles in each week, train for a currently unannounced running challenge.

Training Tip:
The biggest thing that has helped me to increase my mileage and stay injury free is my commitment to the run/walk principle. While I have slowly increased the running portion to a point I would like to remain at anyone can implement a huge variation of this principle to improve their distance.

Mike van Mil

Oshawa, ON