Michelle started running in 2006 and ran her first marathon in 2007. She has run several half and full marathons and was mainly a road runner until she was recently exposed to trail running just a couple years ago. Michelle became an ultra runner in November 2016 when she ran her first 50k. Since then she has run a 50 miler, a few more 50Ks, and a Badwater (Salton Sea) Race. Her most recent accomplishment was finishing her first 100 mile race at Chimera 100. Michelle is a wife, mom of 2, and works full time as a children’s social worker. She started a run streak just 3 months after her second child was born and has maintained that streak for over 2 years to date.

Why Tiux?
Compression socks are a regular part of my training. I wear them on all long runs, races and for recovery. Tiux gives perfect compression, comfort and are built strong.

Greatest Achievement:
Becoming an ultra runner and completing my first 100 mile race. I have learned that you experience some pretty big highs and lows running these crazy ultra distances. The lows can get pretty bad and leave you feeling vulnerable, but the sense of accomplishment you feel when you are able to pull through that low point is amazing.

Current Goal:
Run the mountains and bag all the peaks! In 2017 a few of my friends and I attempted to summit Mt Whitney, but there was too much snow. Hoping to return in 2018 and make it all the way to the top. I’m also planning to work on my strength and speed out in the trails and run in as many beautiful places as possible 🙂

Training Tip:
Expect that there will be low points in training, but know that pushing through those points is what will help get you through on race day. Your body is so much stronger than your mind gives you credit for.

Michelle Corbett

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA