Lindsay McClelland is a Houston-based content marketer, writer, marathoner, former collegiate swimmer and yoga teacher with a passion for health and wellness. While swimming was her first love, running and yoga have had an immense impact on her life and career. Lindsay’s running adventures have taken her to 13 marathons, including a recent Boston Qualifying time (BQ) and she’ll debut at her first Boston this April with her running partner — her dad! Lindsay is a race ambassador for both the Chevron Houston Marathon and California International Marathon and has had the opportunity to teach yoga prior to both races. Follow along as she catalogues her fitness adventures and stories from the road on her blog and Instagram, Loving Life on the Run.

Why Tiux?
I believe in compression! And I also believe that compression should be affordable (and fashionable!)—that’s why I love Tiux. This training season more than ever before, I’m going to be hyper-sensitive to my recovery and training safely. I’m currently recovering from a stress fracture in my hip and for the first time since I began running in 2009 I’m starting over from scratch!

Greatest Achievement:
Qualifying for Boston at CIM in 2016. My dad and I both qualified at this race which is completely representative of our running relationship! My dad started running at 57 years old after I dragged him on a long run with me…he promptly signed up for his first half marathon and now we run races together all the time! So, I’d definitely say bringing my dad into the #runlife is a major achievement of mine too!

Current Goal:
Staying healthy in my recovery! I also want to run sub 3:30 at Boston.

Training Tip:
Never forget WHY you’re running.
Listen to your body.
Recovery is just as important as the hard training days!
Be part of the community—the running community is AMAZING.

Lindsay McClelland

Houston, TX