Throw in equal parts of running, community, philanthropy, and events and that’s what you’ll find in Linda Wong. With her background of managing multiple sporting and corporate events, she works to empower people who want to see change in the world through charitable engagement in events. When she’s not working on her career, she leads the charge in the run community by leading run groups and spreading charitable love in the run community by bringing people and volunteers together.

Linda’s also no stranger to goal setting and smashing goals as a seasoned runner on and off the road. Her running accomplishments include the Boston Marathon, Miwok 100K ultramarathon, and, most recently, completing 2 x 50K ultramarathons in 8 weeks.

Why Tiux?
I’m no stranger to compression socks, given that they’re almost a staple in my running attire. The thing that impressed me the most about Tiux was that I don’t really feel them. From 30min runs to 5-6 hour runs, having gear that don’t become a distracting factor is a win in my books. I was instantly impressed at the comfort from the first day I put them on. I actually surprised myself.

Greatest Achievement:
I have to share 2 running achievements.

One is an achievement for myself. In 2014, I completed my longest distance race – a 100K ultramarathon – and ended the year by running 2 50K ultramarathons 8 weeks apart.

My second achievement would be my run family. I’ve been leading run groups since 2011 and every time I see one of them set and crush their goals, I’m so privileged to be a part of that experience with them. It’s something that is so humbling and I have so much gratitude.

Current Goal:
After 5 years of running ultra marathons, I’ve decided to take a step back and focus on two things: strength & speed. 2017 will be a year I drop my distances from 50K+ to a marathon in July, where I’ll be putting more of an emphasis on track workouts and tempo runs!

Training Tip:
Make sure your head and your heart are in the same place. That means run for your heart. Run because you love it. Because it’s invigorates you. Because it excites you. DON’T run because you SHOULD. If you do, it will be the thing that weighs you down and turns you away from something that once freed you from all boundaries.

Linda Wong

Vancouver, BC