On April 27, 2014 Lauren ran her first 5k, she placed 222 out of 832 runners. A month later she ran her second, dropped her time ten minutes, and came in third in her age group. A runner was born.

From primary school through college, Lauren was a 3 sport athlete competing in field hockey, basketball and softball. After college graduation, Lauren needed something to feed her competitive drive; after her first 5K she was hooked on running. Since then Lauren has competed in dozens of races from one mile to forty, nothing is too short or too long. When she is not competing, Lauren enjoys group runs, as well as helping new runners start their journey.

Currently Lauren works in the special education department at the high school that she attended. When she is not working in the classroom you can find Lauren on the field coaching field hockey and softball.

Why Tiux?
Since I am always training for something, I don’t have time for unscheduled rest days; and like a good friend, Tiux has been there for me since the beginning. The compression that Tiux offers is unlike any other sock brand, you can really feel it helping. From sprint days at the track, to completing ultra-marathons, Tiux has helped me recover faster and ensure I will be right back at it tomorrow.

Compression aside, Tiux cares about global issues. Tiux gives back 1% of revenue to Mines Advisory Group, which helps countries with undetonated landmines reclaim the land. A company that cares, is a company that I care about.

Greatest Achievement:
I am still searching for that one thing that can be my “greatest achievement”. Sure, I’ve done some pretty cool things and I’ve accomplished a lot, but my greatest achievement still needs to be written.

Thus far, my most memorable moments include completing a 40 mile ultra-marathon, winning a 50K and completing the Chicago and New York City Marathons. However the achievement I am most proud of is being able to give back to my high school and coach field hockey where I fell in love with the sport.

Current Goal:
After having to put most of my goals aside in the later part of 2017 due to an injury, my main goal is to approach and conquer 2018 healthy. I will be looking to BQ in early spring, but if that does not happen I have several other marathons including Chicago, New York City and Philly planned.

Training Tip:
Believe in yourself and good things will come. It has been proven that positive thoughts can improve performance. Keep a smile on your face and don’t forget to have fun!

Lauren Salge

Robbinsville, NJ