Kimberlie McBride grew up in Northern Utah and quickly gained a loved of the outdoors! She played on sports teams throughout her youth and began recreational running at age 19. It wasn’t until she was 25 (2010), however, when she finished her first official 5K. She quickly jumped into the half marathon and Ragnar Relay world after that. In 2014 she completed her first full marathon and has continued to enjoy running ever since! She finished her 3rd marathon in October, 2017 with a PR of 3:38 and is already looking forward to getting faster and stronger for 2018 with 2 marathons on the calendar.

Kimberlie is a wife, and a mom to 4 active kids! She spends her days living the busy mom life and is always driving her kids to sports, cooking meals, cleaning up, and trying to spend as much quality time with them as possible! Together they love to travel, ski, eat good food, hike, and make life as busy – but fun – as possible.

Kimberlie currently resides in Boulder, Colorado and is ramping up the miles to begin training for 2018 races.

Why Tiux?
I have used several brands of compression socks over the years, and it wasn’t until this summer—when I was introduced to Tiux compression socks, that I finally stopped looking for the right brand. The quality of Tiux is superior to other brands I’ve worn, and I also feel a difference when I wear them. I like that they feel more breathable than other compression socks I’ve owned.

Greatest Achievement:
My first marathon. It’s not my PR, but it’s a race that I will never forget. I remember feeling completely invincible as I crossed the finish line—and I held that pride and power for about 2 minutes, before I started throwing up!!

Current Goal:
Currently I’m building my base miles while I prepare for 2-3 marathons in 2018!

Training Tip:
This past year I learned about the importance of recovery. Previously I hadn’t given recovery much credit, however I’ve recognized that when you add miles or speed to your current fitness, your body needs recovery time. Often we believe that tough workouts makes us faster and stronger, however, recovery after the workouts is when our body rebuilds necessary tissues to actually ramp up our fitness! For that reason, it’s equally important to give your body proper recovery time after straining workouts. I have a strict ‘2-3 speed workouts per week’ rule. I leave the other days open for active recovery like easy running, yoga, strength training, stretching, etc.

Kimberlie McBride

Boulder, CO