Kaydi Bolos first and foremost is a wife and mother. Kaydi is a SAHM but works very part time as a Respiratory Therapst. Pizza and pancakes are her favorite food, but she always tries to eat healthy with treats now and again to make like enjoyable. She started running when she graduated high school almost 7 years ago. Kaydi did her first half marathon 5 years ago and has done 4 all together, with a PR of 1:36 being her best time. Kaydi has done a handful of 5Ks and a couple 10Ks and hopes to do a some races in 2018.

Why Tiux?
I love Tiux products because they are high quality! Tiux is a great company and has outstanding costumer service. I love Tiux because I wear them running, and also to work!

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest running/fitness achievement is running a half marathon while pushing my son in a stroller and getting a PR. I will never forget the feeling I had when crossing that finish line! It was pure joy.

Current Goal:
I just found out I am pregnant with baby number 2 so My current running/fitness goal is to remain active throughout my whole pregnancy and have another successful fit pregnancy!

Training Tip:
My biggest advice for running is to keep it enjoyable. If you start finding yourself not wanting to run you either need to take a break, or readjust how you run. RUN FOR FUN!

Kaydi Bolos

Washington, UT