Jerlyn is a Caribbean-born American polymath residing in Bronx, NY. She has completed 10 marathons, 8 ultramarathons, 3 tough mudders and 4 triathlons. She is a self-proclaim foodie and wanderlust who dreams of running all continents just to sample all cuisines. She currently works as a Digital Art Director, Strategist and Illustrator for advertising agencies in New York City. You can see her work at and look at her races and art on Instagram @jerlynthomas and @commuteartist

Why Tiux?
Tiux compression are admittedly the most comfortable socks that I’ve ever tried. As a runner, comfort is super important me (it’s at the top of the list). While training or racing, especially for those long slow distance runs that can go on for hours, I’ll prefer to not think of anything else but where my feet is landing and the sights that I’m seeing. Most runners know that while racing, it can be a mind game so the last thing we want to think about is discomfort. Many compression socks that I’ve tried prior have been itchy despite proper fitting or felt too tight. Tiux have made my recovery feel faster and adapted perfectly to temperature changes. I also love that they are very fashionable. I love mixing and matching my race gear and the socks come in fun colors that match my personality.

Greatest Achievement:
Just being able to run and getting others to get on board has been my greatest achievement. When I meet people off my social network who tell me that they started because of my posts I feel like I’m paying it forward. Growing up I never considered myself a runner. In fact, I used to come in last or second to last. In 2008, after a personal tragedy I used running to cope. A few months later, I realized that my body was reacting very well to it. I started looking up to other seasoned runners and learned as much as I could from them. I got faster and faster—I was no longer that person who came in last. This is a testimony to show that inside most people there could potentially be a very successful runner (You never know unless you try).

Current Goal:
As I get older, a great deal of my running goals has changed. I took the entire 2016 year off without running a marathon to redefine my goal. I learned a great deal about refraining from running distances, one of them being that I should always do what I love. I believe that if you’re running you should be having fun. In 2017, I started my year with an ultra and realized that I missed it. After a 52K in Arizona (The Coldwater Rumble) I challenged myself with another Olympic Triathon (NYC triathlon), a 3rd tough mudder and with running the oldest ultramarathon in the U. S. (JFK 50-miler). I’m someone who wants to maximize the time that I have alive but also want to be on my feet for life. The best part of these races is that they are strategized. I’m having much more fun with my training by mixing up (taking spin classes, doing body-weight workouts and swimming). However, another big part is the recovery. Along with an amazing physical therapy sponsor, I get TLC from my compression socks. Basically, I do as much time off my feet as I do on and by my own terms.

Training Tip:
Some people love or hate running. I always found that those who hate it usually don’t remember why they started. Try to always remember why and be patient with your goals no matter how unattainable they seem. I always find that doing things safely (to prevent injuries) will leave you in a much better position. As a runner, the worse feeling is being unable to run for periods of time, while your peers train and race, all because of preventative injuries.

Jerlyn Thomas

Bronx, NY