Being born and raised in Boston, MA, Haley learned very early on that running is more than just a form of exercise, it is a way of life. Haley began her personal running journey when she moved to Los Angeles in 2011 as a way to stay connected to her home town as well as a way to stay in shape. After the events in 2013 at the Boston Marathon, Haley decided that she would run for her city, so that she could one day qualify for and run in the Boston Marathon. In 2016, Haley ran her first half marathon and first full marathon, followed by the LA Marathon and Revel Canyon City, both in 2017. This year has become a year of new personal records and progress towards her goal. Running became more than just a physical activity, it is her happy place, where she feels most inspired and she can’t wait to share that feeling with others!

Why Tiux?
Since I’ve started distance running, I’ve dealt with very tight and cranky calves. After my first marathon, the tightness lead to shin splints, which hindered my training. After that, I’ve tried all different types of compression socks and sleeves. Tiux was the only pair of compression socks that really made a difference in my calf tightness and I love the added heel/achilles tendon support. I was able to push through long runs with significantly less tightness and during my most recent marathon, had absolutely no calf issues. I absolutely love these socks and the fun colors don’t hurt either!

Greatest Achievement:
I think just having run a marathon is a huge achievement, but recently I just completed my Third Marathon, with a 10 minute PR! I went from the girl who had exercise induced asthma and couldn’t even run a mile, to the girl who loves to run: 5Ks, 10Ks, halves, and full marathons. I am addicted! I also became an ambassador for the Conqur Endurance Group and LA Marathon and I get to promote my love of running on a daily basis!

Current Goal:
Qualify for and run the Boston Marathon! Being born and raised in Boston, I have watched this marathon since I was a kid and cheered for my aunt, who ran every year, and all the other amazing runners. I absolutely can not wait for the day I cross the finish line with my qualifying time and to toe the start line in Hopkington.

Training Tip:
Train smart, run strong, and dream big! Don’t be afraid to dream big and to never give up on those dreams. Running was always a dream for me, but it always seemed to big and I was always so scared. When I finally let go of that fear, I realized all that I could achieve, and you can too! Listen to your body, trust me. If something doesn’t feel right, listen, do not try and push through the pain! Foam roll, stretch and allow your body to recover. Run with all your heart. Your brain will try and tell you that you’re tired and want to stop, don’t listen! Push on! You’ve got those last 6.2 miles in you, I promise. And have fun!

Haley Kahn

North Hollywood, CA