Sara is a runner, fitness enthusiast, new Mom and wife to a physician and elite marathon runner in training. She runs the blog which follows her journey in pursuing her running goals, navigating life as a new Mom, and supporting her husband in his journey to qualify for the Olympic Trials

Why Tiux?
Throughout my 5-6 years of running I have tried out many brands of compression. It’s always been something I’ve believed in and has aided me greatly, but there is a significant difference in brands. Tiux compression is the one brand that I loved from the moment I put it on. Most of my running is done around 4:00 AM each morning, so I need an easy to put on compression sock that still provides all the benefits. Tiux is the only brand that I have found that is comfortable year round, provides excellent compression benefits, and truly improves my running.

Greatest Achievement:
In 2014, I set the goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon. My previous PR prior to that was a 4:38. My goal would require me to take over an hour off my PR. It was a lofty goal, but I knew with the right training I had a chance. I trained hard for over 20 weeks and in December 2014, I ran the Kiawah Island Marathon in 3:29 minutes, getting my first Boston qualifying time! I have since lowered my marathon time to 3:26 and have big goals set for the future!

Current Goal:
I am currently training to run the 2017 Boston Marathon at 4 months postpartum. I had our first child, a little boy, on 12/1/16 and knew it would be a big task to get in shape in time, but am doing the best I can to show the body can do amazing things. After Boston I plan to work to get my speed back and continue to cut down my marathon time. Each day my goals and love of running continue to enable me to push forward.

Training Tip:
I think the biggest thing I have learned is that you are going to have set backs. You are going to have wonderful training seasons, and then awful ones. You have to keep believing in yourself, no matter how hard it may seem. I’ve also learned to believe in your training. When you set foot at that start line you have to believe in yourself and the hard training you’ve put in. It may not always be the result you want, but if you continue working hard you will get there. Hard work trumps talent any day.

Sara Turner

Danville, VA