Samantha is a mother to two boys, ages 2 and 6. She loves to run, hike, and stay active while finding fun way that involve her two boys. Her oldest son loves to run as well and races in local 5Ks with her whenever he can. Samantha also enjoys lifting weights and performing dynamic workouts to help keep exercise interesting and fun. She believes that through staying active, eating clean, and living a healthy lifestyle you become a positive role model for your children and family.

Why Tiux?
I have loved Tiux socks from day one. They are comfortable, yet give a good amount of compression for any distance of running. I have used them for local 5K races as well as my first full 26.2. I believe in a company that sells quality products at a reasonable price. The customer service is excellent, and the products arrive quickly and exactly as described.

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest achievement has been to become an athlete again after having children. I played collegiate athletics, but after college and having children let myself go. Through hard work and determination I lost 60 lbs after my second son and have run 5 half marathons, one full marathon and countless smaller races. Along with that, I have become a true believer in becoming a positive role model for children, that they are always watching and mimicking. My oldest son races as well now at 6 years old, and has competed in multiple 5Ks and we are currently trying to find a local team for him to join.

Current Goal:
Currently I am working toward a sub 1:50 half Marathon time, as well as running a second full marathon.

Training Tip:
Find time for yourself, use training as time for you, not something you HAVE TO DO, something that you GET TO DO. Find joy in pushing your body to a new limit, to do something that you can say you weren’t able to do the day before. Set goals, write them down, that way it’s on paper and something you can “check” off when you have reached it. Never stop setting goals, when you reach one reach further. Enjoy the time you get to train, don’t try and do something you don’t enjoy, find something you love and do it.

Samantha Eschberger

Claverack, NY