Roxanne Moreau, is a wife, mother of two and long time fitness enthusiast, fitness instructor, runner and cyclist from rural Saskatchewan, Canada.

Growing up, Roxanne dealt with a congenital heart defect and subsequent surgery that limited her activity. Once she was healthy, she never stopped running having lived limited earlier on. When teenage years began, Roxanne developed an unhealthy relationship with food and discovered that through physical fitness, she could quiet that negative chatter in her brain and let go of counting calories thus empowering herself.

She again used this tool when she developed a post-partum depression to free herself from the grips of depression.

Over the course of the last 20 years, Roxanne has used her position as a fitness leader and running community member to help empower other women through fitness and healthy lifestyle.

Roxanne began running about 15 years ago progressing from barely being able to run a mile to completing a couple 50k legs of ultra marathon trail relays.

Why Tiux?
I love Tiux socks because the compression is just right, and the socks are actually long enough to reach my knees as I’m tall! I have had a struggle to find other brands that can live up to this. I also love the colour block pattern! As well, i have warm my black and yellow set for over a year with lots of washing and they look brand new!

Greatest Achievement:
My greatest achievement would have to be influencing my now 18 year old daughter to also live a healthy active lifestyle and to have grown up watching me use healthy activities such as running and cycling or walking to cope when life gets tough rather than turning to antidepressants or unhealthy behaviour.

Current Goal:
My current goals are lofty. I broke my foot in march of 2016 and had to defer many 50K Uultra marathons to this year, 2017! I’m currently training to go from 5K to 50K ultra marathons in May, June, July (Sinister 7, 2 legs will be mine) and September!

Training Tip:

Roxanne Moreau

Bellegarde, SK