Rebecca is a runner, teacher and coach from Ottawa, Ontario. Rebecca started running in 2009 when she first moved to Ottawa and was under-employed and trying to find something to do. Since then she has run numerous races with distances ranging from 5K to the marathon. After years of saying that “she couldn’t”, in 2014 Rebecca ran her first marathon, the NYC marathon. When she isn’t running herself, Rebecca is a cross country and track and field coach in local high schools and with the Ottawa Lions. Rebecca’s favorite race is the 5K. Being a sprinter prior to picking up distance running, she lives for track workouts and running fast. Rebecca tends to favour races in the Ottawa area and has not missed an Army Run or Ottawa Race Weekend since she moved to Ottawa. Her hopes is to be involved with Master’s track and field when she reaches “master’s age” in 2018 and another race she said she could never do, the 800m.

Why Tiux?
First off, Tiux is a Canadian-based company and I try to support Canadian companies as much as possible. Tiux socks are great! I’ve never had a blister wearing them and they are very affordable. I regularly wear them while training but also throw on a pair when jumping in my car for a long ride back home after a race.

Greatest Achievement:
Doing something that for years I said I couldn’t do—running a marathon. The NYC Marathon was a bucket list item even before I started running. Although I had significant problems on race day with strong wings, cold and some other “issues”, I had the time of my life.

Current Goal:
Run a sub 2:00 half marathon and drop my 5K PB even further (current PB is 24:54).

Training Tip:
Do not go out too fast or hard right away, both while training and in a race situation. Build up your training and never underestimate the power of strength and cross training.

Rebecca Wemyss

Ottawa, ON