Joanna is a blogger, runner and outdoor enthuasiast based in Canmore, Alberta. She embraces a healthy, active lifestyle and lives for mountain summits, summer road trips and adventure!

Why Tiux?
I’m all about supporting and collaborating with local (Canadian!) creatives and companies.

Greatest Achievement:
Understanding that fear is always going to be present, but not letting it run the show. I used to hold myself back out of fear of failure, rejection, criticism, etc. The reality is, those experiences are inevitable, it’s accepting, persevering and starting over—no matter how many times it takes. I don’t measure my success in terms of “things” I’ve accomplished. My success is measured in the type of person I am. Resilient, courageous, compassionate. Embracing life as a whole. It’s ups and downs, peaks and valleys. We need those contrasts to understand and appreciate life as a whole.

Current Goal:
I’m focusing on more trail running/trail races in the Rocky Mountains this year.

Training Tip:
When you “think” you’ve reached your max or limit, you probably haven’t. Our brains are hardwired to quit far before our bodies do. Whenever I’m struggling, I repeat, “One breath, one step at a time” and it helps get me through my run, hike, bad day, anything!

Joanna Gregson

Canmore, AB