Hufsa started her journey as a runner in October 2013 when she participated in the Toronto waterfront marathon and completed her first 5k. She was so elated by the experience that she decided to take up running as a serious hobby. Since then, Hufsa has completed 45 races ranging from 5-15K in multiple cities across Canada and the US. In addition she has completed four Half Marathons and a Triathlon in 2016.

In 2015, she decided to take her interest to the next level and became a coach at a national running school. To date she has mentored multiple sets of students ranging in ages and athletic abilities. Her students recently completed the Scotiabank half marathon under her guidance. You can find her running journey on Instagram @runninggirl_huffopuffo.

In her down time, Hufsa enjoys painting, sculpting and being a daredevil—skydiving, CN Tower edge walk, and white water rafting are some of her adventurous accomplishments. She is also an avid cyclist, and participates in cycling events on a regular basis.

Why Tiux?
Tiux are the most comfortable compression socks I have ever worn and super easy to slip on. They come in beautiful bright colors, hence, perfect to wear at night. Most importantly, Tiux socks have significantly reduced my recovery period.

Greatest Achievement:
I have a few worth mentioning achievements. First one is being a mentor and watching my students achieve their goals. It makes me very proud and is a truly humbling experience. Second is creating an ever growing user group called ‘The Clinic crew’ for aspiring runners and my current students. Here I provide guidance and tips to first time runners and organize informal running events. Third is completing a triathlon where I went from being a non-swimmer to learning how to swim all in a span of four months.

Current Goal:
My current goal is to complete another triathlon and improve my half marathon run time by end of 2017.

Training Tip:
Run/walk is an amazing training tool that I incorporate into my clinic, it reduces risk of injury, builds endurance and its a great way to start for a new runner.

Hufsa Mushtaq

Mississauga, ON