Hollie is a British graphic designer and illustrator who moved to Vancouver for a change in lifestyle & to be closer to the mountains. Originally it was skiing that attracted her to Canada but she soon caught the long distance running bug, running her 1st marathon in May 2014 before transitioning more to the trails and ultra distances in 2016. The trails & mountains are her happy place, she enjoys nothing better than climbing to the highest peak of one of the local mountains then flying back down through the trails. Hollie is an active member of the amazing Vancouver running community and is an ambassador for local store, Vancouver Running Company where she helps lead the trail contingent of their run club ‘Flight Crew’.

Why Tiux?
I find compression invaluable on hard training days—during speed work and long runs, you will always find me wearing my Tiux socks to prevent soreness the next day. I love Tiux in particular because their socks are super soft and comfy, tight enough to function but no so tight they are uncomfortable. The affordability and quality compared to rival brands is exceptional plus being based in Vancouver, I love supporting a local company. The bright, bold flashes of colour are a bonus too! 😉

Greatest Achievement:
My 1st marathon will always be memorable, because without taking that step I wouldn’t be where I am today & wouldn’t have met as many amazing people that I am lucky enough to now call friends as well as the best training partners. More recently, placing 6th lady overall at the 3 day stage race, the Golden Ultra in 2016—my 1st 3 day event & longest distance ran ever—going back for more this year!

Current Goal:
My goals are to get stronger and more powerful. Since the new year I have upped my strength training to 3 days a week and challenged myself to try a broader range of activities such as TRX, kettle bells and introducing more functional fitness workouts that should help me become stronger on the uphill and more stable on the downhill!

Training Tip:
I couldn’t do half of the things I do without equally crazy friends. Friends who are willing to meet you at 5:30 am in the dark and cold, friends who are willing to climb a mountain before breakfast, friends who are willing to spend 6 hours running in the rain and mud on a Sunday morning for fun! Friends make training so much more enjoyable and the accountability when you pre-arrange to meet them in invaluable.

Hollie Holden

Vancouver, BC