Heather is an avid runner from the East Coast of Canada. She discovered her passion for running in 2009 when she first met her husband and was in the process of making some lifestyle changes. Heather works as an elementary school teacher in Nova Scotia and instills a love for running on her students by helping them with an after school running club and gushing about her running stories to them. As a hobby, Heather enjoys blogging about her running adventures and has met many great friends through running.

This April, she will run her fifth Boston Marathon. She enjoys the process of training for a marathon and on race day feels like the marathon is a celebration of all of her hard work. “The marathon is my favourite distance for sure.”

Heather runs year round and since she lives in Nova Scotia (originally from Newfoundland and Labrador), there are definitely obstacles when it comes to winter running. “I figure if I’m going to be mentally and physically prepared for race day I have to train for the elements!” She believes that running has made her a stronger, determined and more passionate person. “I didn’t really know who I was until I found running.”

Why Tiux?
Tiux is a company who believes in giving back. They are a Canadian-based company who uses high performance material which is very important to me as a distance runner in performance and recovery. The affordability of Tiux makes them a compression company I am happy to support.

Greatest Achievement:
I believe my greatest achievement was battling through the elements at the 2015 Boston Marathon. I was completely blessed and grateful to arrive at the starting line in Hopkinton with a healthy body this past year, but the weather had other plans. I fought hard through the Newton hills with squinty eyes and numb thighs from the cold wind and rain to a PR finish and Boston Qualifying time. I cried tears of relief, disbelief and joy when my toes hit the mat under the blue arches.

Current Goal:
I am grateful for every mile. My goal is to be more present and to stay healthy on the run.

Training Tip:
Training your brain is just as important as the body when it comes to running. I’ve run my best races when I’ve blocked out all those self-doubting negative thoughts and visualized myself achieving my goal. I always like to go into a race with a mantra that will help get me through the final miles. One of my favourite quotes is by Napoleon Hill, “What the mind can conceive, the body can achieve.”

Heather Lee-Callaghan

Timberlea, NS