Elisha loves adventure and has infused it into all aspects of her life—whether she’s exploring a new running trail, implementing cloud technologies or ingraining herself in a good book.

By day she is a Management Consultant who works on innovative digital capabilities and an avid marathon runner by night. This past year she ran a half marathon, full marathon and 23 km trail race up Whistler Mountain. She also travels frequently and prioritizes running in all her destinations. In 2016 her travels included runs through the Grand Canyon, up Table Mountain in South Africa and through hilly banana plantations in Tanzania.

If you want to check out her ongoing training for the 2017 Boston Marathon or stay tuned to her latest travel adventure, you can find Elisha on Instagram @theruntoboston.

Why Tiux?
I love running because it is such an accessible sportyou can do it anywhere, anytime and for very little cost. I really appreciate how Tiux has put such an emphasis on affordability to help more people run longer and stay injury free.

Greatest Achievement:
Qualifying for the Boston Marathon in my first ever full marathon!

Current Goal:
This year I have two goals: 1. Run a fast half marathon at the Lululemon Seawheeze in Vancouver, Canada and 2. Run my first 50 km ultramarathon.

Training Tip:
Find a way to stay accountable. When I moved to Vancouver I didn’t know any runners so I created my Instagram account as a means of making sure I run every day—no run, no photo!

Elisha Allen

North Vancouver, BC