Anthony Pena is a runner and college student from the Bronx, NY. He is currently studying health service administration and is on his way to graduate this year as well as running and competing for his current team, the Queens Distance Runners. Anthony has also been a high school coach for the past 5 years at his old high school, Cardinal Hayes, for the mid distance runners. He has helped a number of student athletes continue their running and academics at the college level. Anthony trains for distances ranging from the mile up to the marathon and looks to improve as best as he can in various distances.

Why Tiux?
Back in September Tiux messaged me and asked if I would like to try their compression socks. I raced in them for the first time in a 10 mile race and I felt the difference instantly. I was able to PR my time from a year before by a minute and a half while feeling even better than the previous 10 miler. Afterwards my calves felt like they hadn’t even ran 10 miles as I had no soreness like I normally would after longer races. I instantly became I huge fan of the socks and always try to wear them for long runs and longer races as well.

Greatest Achievement:
There are two achievements I am proud of but the main one has to be the NYC half of 2014. I had mono in 2013 which forced me to not run for two months. About 2 months after that I got into the NYC Half through the lottery and I was in no shape to race yet. Week after week, I trained hard for over 3 months and wanted to beat my only half marathon time of 1:30 from two years before. I ended up running 1:17:58. Afterwards I still couldn’t believe how much I improved and ever since I have been hooked on the longer distances. It just shows with consistency and hard work, you may end up even surpassing your own expectations.

Current Goal:
The main goal now is training for the Boston Marathon in April. I ran my first marathon in April 2016 and the race entry was a gift from my girlfriend. What a way to start training for your first right? I was fortunate enough to run 2:52:41 and BQ on my first try. I look to improve a lot from my first marathon along with a few of my teammates who are running as well.

Training Tip:
If there are a few tips I can give when it comes to running and training they would be to always do the little things like stretching, foam rolling, drills, to make sure you recover, and be as consistent as possible. It can be easy to just run and give it your all everyday but at some point if you are not recovering properly your body may burn out. Consistency is a major key as well no matter what pace or speed you run. If you are consistent in your training you will improve and see the results overtime. Always focus on these aspects as they help tremendously no matter what distance you are training for.

Anthony Pena

Bronx, NY