Anna started running as part of training for soccer as a youth many years ago! She learned early about fartleks, sprints and long runs but didn’t fall in love with running until she was in her early twenties. Though she continued to play soccer, she started to run more after the birth of her first daughter and hasn’t looked back. Her husband and two young daughters lead an active lifestyle through running, soccer, skiing, cycling and yoga.

Anna occasionally blogs over at Piper’s Run to keep her accountable to staying active when life gets too busy.

Why Tiux?
I first heard about Tiux compression socks in 2015 and liked that they were a Canadian company. I gave them a try but the size wasn’t right and contacted their customer service. They were super quick and easy to deal with, which is nice when you are doing online shopping. I was doing a lot of running at night after a full day of work and my legs were always exhausted. Tiux compression socks made my legs feel better and recover quicker. They are soft and easy to put on.

Greatest Achievement:
Besides having two awesome kids, my greatest running achievements are a 2:05 PB half marathon at the Valley Harvest Marathon, 10K 55:59 and 5K 27:06, both at Maritime Race Weekend.

Current Goal:
My current goals are to get stronger from soccer related injuries in hopes that I can take a run at a new half marathon personal best this year.

Training Tip:
Trust your training. Putting in the time over the course of 12 weeks or so can be exhausting for anyone. As you get closer to race day you need to trust the amount of hard work you’ve put into training and take that with you on race day.

Anna Sherwood

Coldbrook, NS