Alana is a recent college graduate who works as a technology consultant for a large accounting firm in Chicago, Illinois. Her background is in dance, but now she is extremely passionate about all aspects of fitness, especially running. She has run 4 marathons and will be running her first Boston Marathon in April 2017. She created an Instagram page @alanaruns26.2 to document her life as a runner as well as her journey through marathon training.

Why Tiux?
I recently discovered compression gear and love their benefits. I found Tiux and not only believe in the brand, but also admire the quality and design of all the Tiux compression products. I wear compression socks for recovery and for a vast majority of my runs. Thankfully, Tiux provides me with comfortable yet effective gear.

Greatest Achievement:
I set a goal of running a full marathon before my 21st Birthday in 2015. With minimal training I ran a time of 3:35:30, just short of Boston qualifying race. Almost two years later, I now have a PR of 3:14 from the 2016 Philadelphia Marathon. Lowering my PR by about 20 minutes brought out my competitive nature and passion for achieving future race goals.

Current Goal:
My goal in 2017 is to run a sub 3 hour marathon. I know this is a challenging goal and I have to take things step by step. As for Boston this coming April, I hope to break 3:10, but more importantly want to have a positive experience while giving all my effort for those 26.2 miles. Since I have never officially trained for a half marathon, 10k, or 5k, I would also like to set pretty big PRs for those distances in the near future.

Training Tip:
My best running tip is to trust your training. There will be many times when you doubt your abilities as a runner. I have many of those moments, but what pushes me forward is knowing that I worked my hardest to become the runner I am today. When you experience doubt, just think of where you started. Progress in not always linear and it always helps knowing have far you’ve come in your journey while continuing to grow.

Alana Kopelson

Chicago, IL